Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pathfinder NPC Guide Concept Preview

NPC Guide Concept Preview
Announced not long ago on Paizo's blog.
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Jens Holdener said...

That expression looks like you after you win the best in the world belt. You know it belongs to me. Nice work.

aermio said...

dope painting. dig the red tats. we gotta meet up and go painting one weekend.

Chris Ocampo said...

thanks guys.

jens: so it seems you're a bit scared to challenge me for the belt...? come thru already.

ant: i'm down to go painting whenever. i haven't used real paint in a while, so it should be pretty entertaining...or maybe i'll just paint on my iphone, it actually has some decent painting applications. :P

jehan said...

hahaha either after chris wins the belt or after someone scores one of those bs ricochet-off-5-dudes-and-into-the-goal shots on him

sweet paints tho ;) lets

jehan said...

- see some dante stuff.