Monday, December 21, 2009

dante's inferno

In honor of the demo being released a couple of weeks ago.
(This isn't for the demo, although I did quite a bit of previs for the demo. This is for the 8th circle of hell which was released on Inferno's facebook page a while back.)


Bryan Wynia said...

Nice work. Congrats on the game.

Jesse Lee said...

are you using a bas relief with your pencil sketch? or using normals for your concept?

however you did it...its a nice effect.

Chris Ocampo said...

thanks bryan. it was a fun project to work on.

jesse: i'm not sure what you mean about using normals or anything like that. the pencil sketch is just the standard 'hard edged' rectangular photoshop brush, but i used the smudge tool to soften the hard edges of the line to add a bit of modeling back into the drawing. sort of feels like taking a charcoal line drawing and smudging the lines with a finger/towel (but without the mess).