Thursday, July 9, 2009


Throwback ---OLD artwork from 2005-2006--- The 4th from the bottom to the 2nd from the bottom were all cut up in layers for a motion graphic cutscene I worked on with Bren. So rings were spinning, half naked girls were flying past the camera, and people were being impaled with spikes. All the good stuff that Hyboria got going on. Top, a boss character heavily influenced from a 'dealer', and then an unused grayscale creature design, but fun to draw. Then an iteration for the Cave Ape Design. My buddy Dave Gardner, who at the time, was the combat lead and an animator at Nihilistic. He had an opportunity to suit up for this Cave Ape enemy character, while we were shooting other scenes for In Game Cinematics and other combat anims at the 'House of Moves'. Funny thing is, Gardner constanly hates on mocap, yet when presented with the opportunity to suit up to utilize it, he jumped at it AND he loved the way it turned out in game. Yes, it's ironic that Dave is a closet Mocap enthusiast, and 2 his squirrley (100lbs) body movements are thrown onto a 800+ pound gorilla model. I'm busting him out, only because he tried to catch me on camera while I was trying to prep the actors for a scene, and I was acting out lines to the audio playback. Luckily I was slightly off screen. Good times hanging with the NSI animators Leo, Dave, and Nestor at House of Moves. Ah, and I can't forget Scott Gagain and Richard Dorton... memorable characters. The last illustration was a spread for a Conan Preview article for Game Informer.


Jesse Lee said...

great work, chris.

aermio said...

cool stuff my friend.