Tuesday, May 27, 2008

DS sketch part duex

the alcatraz was created at sketchcrawl a while back. it was hard painting under some harsh sunlight, so i could barely see the screen. i tried to cover the lcd with my shadow, but it was a failed attempt. not a great kickoff to my new toy. (sun > lcdbrightness). the top 2 were done at different times but at the same place, barnes and nobles in corte madera. there are a couple of elderly regulars that seem to be there whenever i go. they make for great subjects cuz they don't move too much. luckily their body types contrast nicely for studies.
the older african american man was painted while sitting in line for indy 4, at the century theater in SF. this was a hard lighting situation to deal with because of the backlit popcorn signs behind hom. but i like his gesture with his black case balanced on top his overlapping hands. i also like the shape created by an underbite...i wish i had framed the table in the picture where he sat across an empty seat, where he waited a long time for no one. but i don't think the resolution could have captured all the details of his facial features and the location. this is another drawback of the DS, the limit of its resolution. but i gotta say, it's a sick tool for quick studies. sketching with color has never been easier.

indy 4 was my least favorite of them all. i didn't think the antagonists were as strong as the other films, or maybe it was there were too many capable protagonists on the same journey. but i thought it was still entertaining. and yes---harrison ford is still the man. bnoch knows the deal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9GwtRsOYSI


Brenoch Adams said...

thanks for the comment. Hot as usual. second from top is my fav.
Wife force one will remain at the top of my list. As for Indy 4... all that needs to be said is, "Shia la douche swinging in trees with monkeys." PWNED.

Jesse Lee said...

Indy 4 was a really good cinematic adventure in my unrequested opinion. I enjoyed watching a wrinkly Dr. Jones kicking A with his old girlfriend. The ants and monkeys did well too.

Nice sketches, man... always impressed.

Nikki Lukas said...

yay a post!! nice ds paints! the little old guy is awesome. I thought Indy 4 was entertaining, different from the first 3 but still fun.

Peter Gikandi said...

That's some sweet shizznit, Chris

steve hui said...

i agree with peter, thats some sweet painting skills right there!

Anonymous said...