Thursday, June 7, 2007

master painter study

(cruzito by nicolai fechin)
i haven't actually done a master painter study in a long time. fechin is one of my favorites in terms of bravura brush work and portraiture. his drawing technique is as unique as his painting. if you aren't familiar with his stuff, it's phenomenal. he studied under ilya repin and malavinat the Imperial Academy of Petrograd. and i think that dean cornwell used to do studies of fechin's paintings for practice too.

i think we got less than a week left to hit alpha for our game. well, back to the grind.


jlee said...

love this curt.

aermio said...

nice study. what was your source? lemme borrow if you got any books. i was thinking about going back to sjsu and jacking that one fechin book they had at the library. $60 instead of $300... can't beat that.