Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Star Wars 1313 at GamesCom 2012

The Star Wars 1313 reveal was a success at E3, winning quite a few awards.  I was really proud of the team and what we accomplished.  We finally get to show a bit of Level 1313 which you can see in the new GamesCom trailer.  Also some concepts were released on io9.com, forevergeek.com, and other media websites, as well as on our LucasArts website.


I also had the opportunity to shot design and concept the reveal of Level 1313, which you can view at the end of the GamesCom trailer.  Our LucasArts art team did an incredible job executing this in engine.  I feel very lucky to work among some of the most talented and hardworking artists, directors, and vfx supervisors in the industry.

LucasArts released a few new images that include a ton of environment concept designs that Dela, Gus and I worked on.  I designed a variety of things including architecture, props, store signs, advertisments, fliers, surfacing and lighting. I also designed the alien characters seen in the 3d holo-displays.  Dela additionally designed some characters.  And we also had concept support from Brian Recktenwald, Jem Geylani, Matt Burdette, and Matt Koehler.


John-Paul Balmet said...

Great work Chris! The game is looking amazing.

Hyoung Nam said...

Cool looking city concept yo~!!