Wednesday, June 9, 2010

more random stuff

some genre illustrations of classic archetypes. these spot illos are from a couple of different books printed recently.
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thanks for checking it out!


Erik said...

That viking-looking dude is actually my character in the office's weekly Pathfinder campaign, Ostog the Unslain. You did a great job capturing his essence!

Humza Khan said...

Nice, great to see you post again!

jehan said...

ahahaha i love how cracked out the second guy looks.

yea we really should look into arranging a massive foos party. a sort of reunion..

bet things are going sweet at lucasarts. lemme know what you're working on once it's announced!!

aermio said...

awesome characters. what was this for?

Chris Ocampo said...

thanks guys.

ant- they're for Paizo publication